Regarding SBTC Distribution

Dear users,


Since Super Bitcoin (SBTC) is scheduled to fork at the height of 498888, Huobi Pro will take a snapshot of users’ BTC assets before the fork happens and distribute the equal number of SBTC to users who have BTC assets. If you have BTC assets in, you will get SBTC in the next 3 days. Please transfer your BTC to account to ensure a timely distribution. We will also enable SBTC/BTC trading after the distribution. If you have BTC assets in Huobi Wallet, you will receive SBTC in your Huobi Wallet account.


What is Super Bitcoin (SBTC)?

The expansion war in the past three years has severely hindered the development of the bitcoin technology. Bitcoin has lost a tremendous share of the cryptocurrency market given aggressive competition coming from the likes of ethereum and Zcash. The bitcoin community has therefore gathered a group of enthusiasts and developers who share the goal to revitalize the bitcoin dominance. The fork will take place at block height 498888, after which, new functionalities will be added to the forked chain. The original bitcoin holders will be compensated with one super BTC for every BTC held.

What is the total supply of SBTC?

SBTC will have a total supply of 21,210,000, of which 210,000 will be pre-mined


What is the purpose of pre-mining?

The 210,000 pre-mined tokens will be managed by the Super BTC Foundation and are mainly used to encourage early developers, invest in the super BTC ecosystem and ensure the operation of the Super BTC Foundation.



The prices of chain split coins are extremely unstable. We hope that users can have a full understanding of the investment risks of chain split coins and be prudent of your own investment decisions.


Huobi Pro

December 7, 2017