IOTA Deposit and Withdrawal Instructions

IOTA features: After using the IOTA address once, it cannot be used again, otherwise there will be a risk of asset theft. Therefore, the IOTA address assigned to the user by Huobi can only support one deposit, and cannot be reused; the corresponding withdrawal address is not recommended for repeated use either.
Huobi currently has a special fast withdrawal function, that is, when the system detects that the withdrawal target address belongs to Huobi user, the transfer will not go through the blockchain, and there is no need to wait for node confirmation. Therefore, transfers of the fast deposit do not need to be confirmed by the blockchain, and are not affected by the above characteristics of IOTA.

1. For ordinary deposits (transfers that need to be confirmed by the blockchain), your deposit address will be marked as used, and the used address cannot be reused.
2. For fast deposits (transfers that do not need to be confirmed by the blockchain), your deposit address will not be marked as used, and it can still be reused.

To avoid address waste: 1. Each user can generate up to 5 IOTA deposit addresses within 24 hours. 2. Users with more than 20 unused addresses will not be able to generate new addresses. You can use generated and unused addresses.

View historical addresses:

After entering, you can view the status of historical deposit addresses. For those not used, you can apply to use it by scanning the QR code and copying the address link:

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