What Are Unsafely Credited Assets?

According to the blockchain principle, a transaction is considered to be performed when digital currency is deposited or withdrawn. It is necessary to ensure the uniqueness of this transaction through the confirmation of other nodes in the blockchain.

The duration of confirmation of transactions on the blockchain is determined by a variety of factors, such as the difference between the underlying protocols of different blockchains, the current congestion on the chain, etc.

Since the initiation of a deposit request requires confirmations on the blockchain, and in order to ensure that the transaction is not tampered with or has other risks, multiple confirmations of the transaction are required. When the number of confirmation reaches a certain number, your assets are considered as safely credited and can not be tampered with, and will not or probably will not have risks. When the number of confirmations does not reach the certain number, the transaction might be risky or your assets has the risks of being orphaned.

When the deposit does not reach the number of times of confirmation specified by the platform, it is unsafely credited. The corresponding assets will be determined as unsafe credited assets. Only after the assets are safely credited, users can withdraw the assets.

For unsafely credited assets, users may trade in advance but may not withdraw them. If users withdraw assets, they can only withdraw safely credited assets. If you still wish to withdraw unsafely credited assets, please wait for the confirmations.

During the waiting process, you can check whether the deposit assets have been safely credited by going to Financial Records, which is as shown in the image: