3rd Open Call for Huobi Ambassadors: Join Now to Win a Full Set of Huobi Merch

Dear Huobi Users,

To further drive the development of the blockchain industry, Huobi is excited to announce that the 3rd open call for Huobi Ambassadors is now open with 10 attractive benefits! We cordially invite community owners with rich industry resources, famous influencers, we-media operators, blockchain enthusiasts, and other partners to join us. Let's seize the opportunity and shape the future together with Huobi!


Recruitment period: 12:00, March 27, 2023 - 15:59, April 27, 2023 (UTC)

Eligibility: Both Affiliates and their partners who have completed Dominica KYC verification


1. How to become a Huobi ambassador?

  • Have a social community with over 500 members
  • Own a social media account with over 5,000 followers
  • Understand the Huobi brand and our values, and be willing to grow together with us.


>>Click here to join the Huobi Ambassador Program

Users who have already joined the Huobi Affiliate Program are not required to register and they will automatically join the Ambassador program.


2. Exclusive Benefits

  • Enjoy highly attractive commissions of up to 50% for spot trading and up to 60% for futures trading, with lifelong and unlimited payouts.
  • Receive massive bonuses worth up to 30,000 USDT per month through referral rewards, with no need for enrollment.
  • Enjoy a 30-day Prime 5 trial membership and ultra-low trading fees at a 67.5% discount.
  • Boost your team's revenue by recruiting Huobi affiliates through channel commission.
  • Easily monitor your referrals and commission details through the backstage management system.
  • Earn the title of "Huobi Ambassador" and receive exquisite Huobi merch.
  • Boost your invitations with marketing campaigns, red packets, 5,672 USDT Welcome Bonus, and customized posters
  • Get exclusive features with priority placement on Huobi's official channels to promote your brand.
  • Create your own special community with Huobi group chat in the Huobi app, making it easy to turn new users into traders.
  • Enjoy dedicated service with a 1v1 account manager providing bespoke services 24/7.

Get Huobi Merch: Starting from the recruitment date, the new Huobi ambassador who brings in at least 10 new users, and ranks first in terms of trading volume among those new users, will receive a full set of Huobi merch.


3. Responsibilities

  • Refer new users to Huobi and help them to sign up and trade on the platform.
  • Actively maintain Huobi’s image and promote the Huobi brand.
  • Actively participate in the community by helping users to resolve their day-to-day issues, and publicize Huobi's new products, functions, and activities.


4. Requirements

  • Invite at least 10 new traders
  • Invited traders to reach a monthly trading fee of at least 1,000 USDT
  • Affiliates who met the above two requirements will be granted the Huobi Ambassador title (Affiliates who are not been selected as Huobi Ambassadors still can enjoy the Affiliates privileges).


5. Assessment criteria for Huobi Ambassadors

Huobi Ambassadors can earn commissions with rates up to 50% for spot trading and up to 60% for futures trading. The specific rate is based on the Ambassador's level, which is assessed on a regular basis.


Commission Rate

Quarterly Assessment Criteria



Level 1



Invite at least 10 new traders whose total trading volume should reach 1 million USDT

Level 2



Invite at least 50 new traders whose total trading volume should reach 4 million USDT

Level 3



Invite at least 500 new users and 80 new traders. The total trading volume of the traders should reach 10 million USDT

  • Assessment duration: Huobi Ambassadors will be assessed every 3 months, starting from the first adjustment of the commission rate. You can enjoy commission from your referrals for a lifetime.
  • Commission level-up: If a Huobi Ambassador meets the advancement criteria in the quarterly assessment, their commission level will be automatically increased by one level immediately. If the ambassador fails to meet the criteria, they will be downgraded by one level after the end of the quarter. If the ambassador is at Level 1, then they will lose their title and become a retail trader.
  • Level extension privilege: If Huobi Affiliates with a Level 2 or Level 3 commission rate are downgraded after evaluation, they can have their current commission level extended for one quarter until the next evaluation, as long as they hold a daily average of ≥500 HT in the last 30 days. Affiliates can enjoy one extension chance per level (at Level 2 and Level 3).


Other notes:

  • Please register for the program based on the principle of voluntariness and our sale manager will contact you the next day after you submit the application.
  • Users who have already joined the Huobi Affiliate Program are not required to register and they will automatically join the Ambassador program.
  • Huobi reserves the right of final interpretation for all aspects of this program. Huobi Ambassadors should abide by relevant management rules. Huobi has the right to disqualify Huobi Ambassadors who violate the rules and cancel all relevant benefits.


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