Huobi Global to Launch Copy Trading

Dear Huobi Global Users,

Huobi Global has launched Copy Trading on September 23

Our Copy Trading platform allows users to quickly copy the trades made by an expert trader and profit ease.

Copy Trading is open to all users. Users can decide if they wish to be a trader or a follower.

As a follower, you will not have to check your positions frequently after following the moves made by a pro trader. You can always monitor the real-time performance of your copy trades if you wish. In order to provide top notch services to users who are followers, we carefully and thoroughly review every pro trader candidate by perusing their historical trading data.

If you are a beginner to cryptocurrency trading, we recommend you start Copy Trading as a follower. You can select a favorite trader in our trader pool, of which membership has undergone strict review, to follow. Once you follow a frequently followed trader, you will not only trade with ease but also learn trading skills from these experienced traders.

If you are a veteran, we recommend you start Copy Trading as a copied trader. You can display the trading prowess you have accumulated over time. In addition, you stand to receive a share of your followers’ profits if your followers gain profits from copying your trades.


Thank you for your support.


Huobi Global

September 26, 2022


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