Huobi Wallet APP Optimizes & Share $10,000 in FLOKI

Dear user:

In order to offer a better user experence, we have upgraded Huobi Wallet App with optimization of funtions and interface.Together, we have prepared some benefit to users which will be released with the updated App in the event of "Millionaire Jackpot”. During the event, users open Huobi Wallet App and complete tasks will be able get their chance to draw, such as check-in or inviting friends. The amount set for the first rewards is FLOKI token equivalent value of 500 USDT. The reward will be drawn on a first-come, first-served basis, while it last.


Event time: Mar 21th 8:00 AM - Mar 24th 4:00 PM (UTC)

Draw time: Mar 24th 8:00 AM - Mar 24th 4:00 PM (UTC)


How to Participate:

1. Download Huobi Wallet APP

2. Complete the tasks to accumulate your chance


● Link address

● Asset verification

● Invite friends

● Visit FLOKI official website

● Daily check-in

● Trade/Swap FLOKI

3. Use your chance to spin in which can get up to 500 USDT worth of FLOKI.


Reward Setting:

First Prize: $500 FLOKI

Second Prize: $50 FLOKI

Third Prize: $2 FLOKI

4th Prize: $0.1 FLOKI



1. Users can get Jackpot opportunities by completing different tasks every day. The rewards are limited, first come first served, while it last;

2. When completing asset verification task, only $BUSD, $BNB and $FLOKI in the BSC wallet will be calculated;(The verification will be passed if the total value of your $BUSD, $BNB and $FLOKI on BSC ≥ 100) 

3. You will get a draw after you succesfully invite a friend whom are also done with address linking; (Your friend must enter your code)

4. Rewards will be issued to the wallet account of the winning user in real-time;

5. Huobi Wallet has the right to disqualify the winner with the cheating behavior;

6. Huobi Walle reserves the right of final interpretation of the event;

7. This event is not affiliated with Apple Inc.


Download the Huobi Wallet App now to join the event: