Credit/Debit Card Payment Guide for Advcash SCI

1.      The merchant website offers users a range of Advcash-powered payment methods. A selection of payment methods is displayed on the page of the Advcash SCI tool (shopping cart interface). 

2.      Upon selecting the credit/debit card option and clicking Go to Payment, users will need to fill in their credit or debit card details. 

3.      Once the user clicks Pay, the system will verify the card. 

If the card was previously verified during an Advcash-powered merchant payment or Advcash wallet deposit, the transaction will be processed directly, no further actions will be required for the  steps listed below. 

If the card has never been verified for an Advcash payment, please follow the verification process below. 

Please enter the email address under the Card Data column, and if the address entered is not pre-registered with any Advcash account, the user will require to enter their full name to create an Advcash account. If the email entered have already been registered with an Advcash account, a verification email will be sent to the address provided. 

4.      Once the process is completed, please wait patie

ntly while the system receives a  debit confirmation from the credit card service provider. The message ‘The payment has not arrived yet’ will be displayed on the screen until the funds are debited and the debit confirmation is received. 

Once the amount is debited and the user clicks the Refresh button, they will be directed to the payment verification page. 

The system will also verify for debit confirmation in the background. If it is received before the user clicks the Refresh button, the user will be directed to the next step automatically. 

5.      Payment verification process varies depending on user verification status in Advcash. 
If the users already have a verified account, they are only required to upload a photo of the front side of the card, as well as a selfie with this card. 

Once both photos are uploaded, they will be processed and reviewed by the compliance team. Generally, most submissions are reviewed within 60 minutes. 

The customer will then be directed to the verification details page. 

The page lists images that are uploaded, with an option to cancel the verification process and re-upload all images, or an option to cancel the payment and abort the entire process. 

As soon as the photos are uploaded and the transaction has been approved, the merchant will receive the payment automatically. No further actions will be required from the customer or from the merchant. 

If the user does not have a verified Advcash account, they will need to complete identity verification and submit a photo of the card. 


Once the user identity and card are verified, the merchant will receive the payment automatically. No further actions will be required from the customer or the merchant. 

All cards are required to be verified once only, i.e. if the card using have already completed the verification process once, the user will not be required to do so again, and the transaction can be carried out directly. 

If a new card that has never been verified is used for the payment process, verification will be required. 


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