Huobi Global Weekly (11.15-11.21): Huobi Global Third Primelist will launch on November 25

1.Last Week’s Wrap-Up


2nd Primelist Project: NGL

This time around, 189,202 people participated in our Primelist promotion, covering 129 countries. 1,700,000 tokes were offered by NGL, with the highest price reaching 6.5 USDT 15 minutes after the opening, the highest increase was 4333.33%, and the highest market cap at 110,500,000 USDT; 63,441,846 HTs were locked in, with the highest HT position yielding. 491%.

Pioneer Zone New Launch

GALA went live on November 16, with a maximum gain of 47.8% since launch.

FTM went live on November 17, with a maximum gain of 39.69% since launch.

UNIC went live on November 18, with a maximum gain of 132.40% since launch.


Contacts New Launch

On November 18, Contracts went online IMX/USDT Swaps, CELR/USDT Swaps, MINA/USDT Swaps.


HT Monthly Report

In October 2021, Huobi Global burnt 3.36 million HT (about 28.351 million USDT), which is 27.08% less than that in September. As of November 15, 2021, the number of burnt HT combined has reached 286.751 million.


The HT deflation rate of the month is 1.47%

Aggregate HT Circulation Amount: 213,248,533 HT

Current HT Circulation Amount: 169,251,867 HT

HT holders growth in October: 2.79% higher than last month


2.What to Watch Out for This Week



Huobi Global will be listing MONO (Mono XFinance) on our brand new token listing platform, Primelist, at 10:00 (UTC) on Nov 25

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Trade IMX, CELR, MINA and CTSI USDT-M Swaps to Share 40,000 USDT Prize Pool

Campaign Period: 06:00 (UTC) on Nov 18, 2021 – 06:00 (UTC) on Nov 28, 2021

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Join GALA/USDT Swaps Contest to Share 50,000 USDT

Campaign Period: 12:00:00 pm on Nov 17, 2021 to 11:59:59 am on Nov 24, 2021 (UTC)

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Trade Derivatives Every Day to Win 50,000 USDT

Campaign Period: 10:00 (UTC) on Nov 19, 2021 – 15:00 (UTC) on Nov 25, 2021 

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Xmas Referral Promotion, Share $10Million of SHIB and DOGE

Event period: 00:00 (UTC) on Nov 18, 2021- 00:00 (UTC) on Jan 19, 2022

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TRX, BTT, JST, SUN, NFT Trading Campaigns - iPhone 13 Pro Max and $160,000 for Grab

12:00 (UTC) on Nov 18--12:00 (UTC) on Dec 2

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>Huobi Earn<

Enjoy Up to 200% APY on IMX with Huobi Earn

12:00 (UTC) on Nov 16, 2021--- 12:00 (UTC) on Nov 23, 2021

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GALA Promotion: 1,200,000 GALA Prize Pool & 88% APY

Period: 09:00 (UTC) on Nov 16 to 12:00 (UTC) on Nov 28

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Deposit $CERE on Huobi Earn Up to 50% APY!

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Submit the survey with UID before Nov 23, 2021 16:00 (UTC) to get in the lucky draw.

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3.Market Movers

Cryptocurrency Last Week’s Closing Price Weekly Change
NGL 4.91600000 3290%
GALA 0.40538600 343%
POWR 0.80575378 120%
RNDR 7.71050000 104%
PIC 1.86000000 85%
ZLA 0.00782664 73%
CRO 0.69017400 66%
LAT 0.28390000 51%
LOOM 0.15767200 49%
IMX 7.89000000 48%

4.Huobi Global Operating Metrics


Security incidents0

# of launched products 4

Contracts trading volumes: US$27.2 billion

Spot trading volumes US$5.2 billion

On-chain user balances: US$27.9 billion


5.Industry Trends


Mainstream projects

OpenSea releases updates and announces integration with Adobe



NFT aggregator Genie is now opening to all users.

Web3 social infrastructure startup CyberConnect raises $10 million in seed funding, led by Multicoin Capital.


Huobi Research Institute Analysis:

Currently, both Web 3.0 and Metaverse are facing the same problem: how to define identity on the new network.The answer for some applications has been ported from web 2.0, such as Only1 and BitClout, but there has been a gap in address-based identity relationships on the value network, as well as the limitations of the public chains where the projects are located. a16z has led investments of $20 million and $3.1 million in XMTP and MEM, and Multicoin has led investments of $10 million in CyberConnect. The large amount of funding received as a start-up means that social graph middleware, rather than a new chain (DESO), may be the infrastructure in the Web 3 context. Meanwhile, the building of social graphs requires a lot of data and use cases, fist products and time for user education, so the breakout point may be in the next 1-2 years.


Bitcoin Futures ETFs

VanEck Bitcoin futures ETF XBTF listed on the CBOE, breaking on its first day and currently managing a net worth of less than $9 million.


Huobi Research Institute Analysis:

Both Valkyrie's BTF and VanEck's XBTF replicate what happened with the first Canadian spot ETF- the first entrants grabbed the market capital. The similarity lies in the fact that the competition is so homogeneous due to regulatory restrictions that the difference in rates is not enough of a reason for investors to choose. The difference is that the US financial market is much larger than Canada, as well as the demand. But the current round of futures ETFs still cannot offer direct exposure to bitcoin, and are better suited to spot holders for arbitrage or hedging purposes. With the short term judgement that US spot ETFs are still difficult to pass, the next hot spot will be shorting orientated futures ETFs such as DireXion.


6.Weekly Blockchain Deals

Analysis and Comments:


According to publicly available information, blockchain and crypto deals over the last week reached 24 in total, or 1.534 billion USD in valuation, a bit down compared to last week.


In terms of tracks, the investment and financing was more evenly distributed this week, with 5 hot deals in both the NFT and DeFi sections.


There were six financings of over US$50 million, with large amount financings overall; the largest three were the US$600 million debt financing secured by DCG, the US$400 million Gemini led by Morgan Creek Digital, and the US$200 million ConsenSys investment by a number of institutions.


Huobi Global

November 22, 2021


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