Lucky HECO Phase III Live Now! Win GameFi NFTs!

Dear Valued Users,

Our Lucky HECO promotion is about to host its third round. HECO Chain is partnering with multiple gaming platforms to offer numerous NFT prizes, valued at nearly 250,000 USDT.

Event Period: 09:00 (UTC) on Oct 18 - 16:00 (UTC) on Oct 24


How to Join?

Click on the Wish List to fill in the following information and participate in the NFT airdrop:

Your Huobi Global UID: UID is your account ID of  Huobi Global.

Address on HECO Chain: The address on the HECO Chain is a blockchain one generated by the decentralized wallet, which is also the address used for the NFT airdrop this time. Please note that it is not the charging or withdrawing address of Huobi Global, but your personal address for transferring money, charging and using Dapp on the HECO Chain. Tutorial on Creating HECO Address>>>

Note: Link the wallet and the game platform to complete a contract interaction, after which you can have a higher winning rate


The Wish Fountain is as follows:

The NFT wish fountain consists of 4 Game Prop NFTs.

NFT Wish Fountain Partner NFT Name Quantity of NFT Estimation of Unit Value (U) NFT Introduction
Wish Fountain 1 CryptoBlades 1~5-star Swords 5000 0.3~200 Swords can fight with the enemies in combat, raids and upcoming feature pvp, can also trade in Marketplace. The more the stars = the powerful the sword would be
Wish Fountain 2 Plato Farm



6400 10~1000 NFT can also be traded in the Plato Farm game.
Wish Fountain 3 BUDO II Characters&Pets 600 100 NFT can be used in staking farming, battle (PVP), and chapters (PVE).
Wish Fountain 4 Boss Rally Flying feather/Strike bow/Hat/Trouser/Shoes 500 100 NFT can be used to improve the player's combat ability in the Boss Rally game.

Steps for Joining

Step 1: Fill in the wish list,starting on 9:00, Otc 18 - 16:00, Oct 24, 2021 (UTC)

Step 2: Wait for the lottery on Oct. 28, 2021 (UTC), NFT will be airdropped to HECO address within 3 days

Step 3: Use the NFT in the Game


Plato Farm


Boss Rally

Deposit channel:

Use iSwap to cross-chain to HECO can directly exchange other currencies into HT in seconds, and you can also receive HT airdrop

Instructions on Winning:

HECO Chain divides all participating HECO addresses into three wish pools and then extracts a random number.

Link the wallet with a gaming platform to complete a contract interaction and increase your chances of winning.

Risk Description:

Please keep your wallet's private key and mnemonics well preserved and do not provide them to anyone! This is the only way to control assets on the chain.

Do not use wallets to interact with NFTs from unknown sources, i.e. invoking contracts, etc.


Huobi Global does not endorse any platforms or its projects on the HECO Chain. If you see a platform that promotes products in the name of Huobi Global, please contact HECO Chain in time to file a complaint.



Our Partnerships

CryptoBlades is a role-playing game of Paly-to-Earn from BSC chain to HECO, which will create more surprises.

Official Website:



Plato Farm is a chain game that firstly launched on the HECO chain and innovatively integrated the concepts of GameFi and DeFi. It is planned to share the vast market space of the trillion-level meta-universe NFT for users who participated in the early game public beta.

Official Website:



Budo II is a girl-themed sci-fi shooting love development chain game first released on the HECO chain, with real Japanese voice actors dubbing.

Official Website:



Boss Rally is a metaverse GameFi chain game, which is deployed on smart chains such as ETH, BSC, Heco, OkexChain, Solana, Avalanche, etc. through decentralized smart contracts. Players can play virtual roles in the game to fight with the Boss, get the level up, collect equipment, breed pets. And at the same time, they can obtain land to participate in farm building and engage in PvP battles. Boss Rally enables players to earn while playing the game.

Official Website:




Questions about Participation

1. What is a Huobi Global UID?

Huobi Global, established in 2013, is a financial services provider in global blockchain assets that offers a wide range of services, including assets exchange, trading, wallet, and storage. UID is the ID of a personal account with Huobi Global, which can be found by clicking on the upper left corner of its APP and the upper right corner of its Web page.



2. What's HECO?

HECO Chain is an EVM-compatible public chain that provides blockchain developers with an efficient and low-cost on-chain environment for decentralized applications (Dapps), smart contracts, and digital assets. HECO has recorded approximately 12.9 million total addresses with 474million transactions made on the platform.



HECO Explorer:

HECO Chain:

3. What is the address on the HECO Chain?

The address on the HECO Chain is a blockchain address that is generated by a decentralized wallet, which acts as your personal address for transferring money, charging, withdrawing, and using Dapps on the HECO Chain. Please remember to keep your private key and mnemonic to yourself, as they are the only way to control your assets on the chain. Tutorial for Creating an Address on HECO Chain>>>

Questions about Receiving Prizes

1. How do I know if I have won an NFT?

Please check the winning list, which will be announced on the official website on Oct 28, 2021. You can also check your SMS and e-mail. You can check whether your airdropped NFT has arrived at the HECO chain address that you filled in on the wish list on Huobi Wallet.

2. How to increase the winning rate?

After filling in the NFT wish list, please use the wallet to interact with the Dapp of the game platform, that is, to complete a game contract call successfully to get a higher winning rate.

HECO Chain Team

October 18, 2021


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