DYDX Token Deposit Promotion: 10 ETH Prize Pool & Up to 50% APY 

Dear Valued Users, 

We are kicking off a deposit promotion for DYDX, a new token listing today on Huobi Global! Join now to win your share of our 10 ETH prize pool & enjoy up to 50% APY with Huobi Earn! 

*We’ve added DYX to our USDT-margined swaps trading list>>>

Event I. Deposit DYDX to Win a Share of our 10 ETH Prize Pool 

Round I: 15:00:00 on Sept. 8 - 23:59:59 on Sept. 8 (UTC)

Round II: 00:00:00 on Sept. 9 - 00:00:00 on Sept. 16 (UTC)


  • During Round I, users who deposit DYDX to the Huobi platform are eligible for sharing the 5 ETH prize pool according to their net deposit volumes.
  • During Round II, users who deposit DYDX to the Huobi platform are eligible for sharing the remaining 5 ETH rewards according to their net deposit volumes.
  • Net deposit volume = Deposit volume - Withdrawal volume (Users with negative net deposits are ineligible to get rewards).

Reward Calculation for Round I & II: 

  • Individual Net Deposit Percentage = Individual Net Deposit Volume/ Total Net Deposit Volume from all eligible users*100%
  • Individual Rewards = Individual Net Deposit Percentage * 5
  • The individual reward is limited to a maximum of 1 ETH in each round. 


  • Users can participate in both of the rounds.
  • The deposit & withdrawal volume of sub-accounts will all be credited to that of parent accounts. 
  • Rewards will be sent to users’ Exchange accounts within seven working days after the event ends.

Event II. Earn up to 50% APY with Fixed Deposits on Huobi Earn

Launch Time: 16:00, Sept.8 (UTC)

End Time: 16:00, Sept.14 (UTC)

  • Tokens earned in the event will be distributed in the same type of tokens deposited.
  • Rewards and the deposited tokens will be unlocked and sent to participants’ exchange accounts 1 day after the deposit period ends.

Event III. Earn 1% APY with Flexible Deposits on Huobi Earn

  • Launch Time: 16:00, Sept. 8 (UTC)
  • Deposit Period: Flexible (Compound Daily and Redeem Anytime)
  • Est. APY: 1% (The estimated APY is subject to the one displayed on the page for the day)
  • Tokens earned in the event will be distributed in the same token type deposited.
  • Compounded interest will be automatically sent to the users' Earn accounts. Interest, as well as deposited tokens, can be redeemed at the same time. 

How to Participate:

Website: Login to Huobi Global, and find Huobi Earn under Finance on the navigation menu

Click here: https://www.huobi.com/en-us/financial/earnings

App: Tap Huobi Earn on the homepage

Click here: https://www.huobi.com/en-us/financial/earnings/h5

Terms & Conditions

  • Huobi reserves the right of final interpretation for all aspects of the above events and the right to disqualify any participants who show signs of fraudulent behavior. 
  • Due to local compliance policies, users from the following countries or regions will not be permitted to use this deposit product: Japan, Cuba, Iran, Mainland China, Hong Kong (China), Macau (China), North Korea, Sudan, Syria, the United States and its overseas territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands), Canada, and Singapore.

Huobi Global

Sept. 8, 2021


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