Commission Fees of Buy Crypto (Card/C2C)

Buy crypto with Credit card / Debit card

The pricing offered to you is consisted of 4 fee components:

1. Interchange Fees charged by your card issuing bank;

2. A Visa or MasterCard Scheme Fee, which is charged by the Card Scheme (Visa or MasterCard) for using their network;

3. Acquirer Fee refers to a fee paid to our acquirer for the provision of payment processing services to your cryptocurrency purchase, in which interchange rates and Visa/MasterCard scheme fee, and their service fees are included.

4. Huobi Fees, which are a margin or spread fee (“Spread”), and a flat fee for Huobi’s services.


A full list of Fees:

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Buy Cryptos with 0% Commission Fee on Huobi 


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