Huobi Ambassador Recruitment Program

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To unite and strengthen the blockchain community, Huobi Global is officially launching the Huobi Ambassador Recruitment Program 2022. For the first phase, we will recruit 100 ambassadors from around the world. We invite community owners, influencers, bloggers, and senior blockchain enthusiasts to join (Join now) us and build a community ecosystem. In turn, we will distribute rewards in exchange for helping the industry grow.

Recruitment Period00:00 (UTC) on Apr 25 – 23:59 on May 24, 2022 

1.      Recruitment Requirements

a)      Operate Telegram / LINE / Discord communities with no less than 500 members/subscribers each, or be active in more than 20 indirect crypto groups.

b)      Have social media accounts with no less than 1,000 followers/subscribers for each, such as Twitter/YouTube/Tik Tok/Facebook, etc.

c)      Active in the blockchain industry, understand the Huobi brand and our value, and be willing to grow together.

d)      Have enough time and industry knowledge to interact with community users over a long period of time. 

2.      Huobi Ambassador Benefits

By becoming a Huobi Ambassador, you may receive an exclusive Medal of Honor, fixed salary, high referral rate income, investment value-added income, monthly bonuses, gifts, and more. The details are as follows:

a)      Competitive fixed honorarium, 500USDT~1,000USDT per month.

b)      Receive up to 60% of permanent invitation trading rebates, meaning that you can receive up to 60% of the trading fees generated from each user invited.

c)      Privilege to participate in any Huobi Global event and airdrop promotion.

d)      A bonus pool worth 2,000 USDT will be set up every month, which will be distributed according to one’s actual contributions.

e)      Huobi Ambassador Medal of Honor, exclusive NFT, and exquisite gifts.

3.      Responsibilities of Huobi Ambassador

a)      Establish at least one local Huobi community, maintain Huobi’s reputation, and promote the Huobi brand.

b)      Self-generated to invite new users for Huobi to help complete registration and execute transactions.

c)      Activate community, help users solve daily problems, or help them connect with Huobi customer service.

d)      Help expand and connect with local influencers and other resources.

4.      Details of Huobi Ambassador’s rights and benefits

a)      Promotion Levels



Spot Rebate

Futures Rebate

Rebate Duration


500 USDT





800 USDT





1,000 USDT





The ambassador's reward guideline assessment will be calculated based on the number of invited users, invited traders and the trading volume of those invited traders, and the rules will be adjusted monthly according to the actual situation

b)      Event Participation Privilege

Huobi Ambassadors will have the privilege to participate in Primelist, Huobi Earn, and Candydrop events on the Huobi platform. Each event’s details will be sent to the Huobi Ambassador in advance.

c)      Monthly Bonus

Every month, Huobi will conduct a referral campaign event occasionally, there will be a rewards pool of no less than 2,000 USDT or equivalent rewards. 

5.      Huobi Ambassador Recommendation Award

Special awards will be distributed once the Huobi Ambassador successfully recommends an Ambassador.

6.      Assessment Standards

 The assessment standards for Huobi Ambassadors appear below. The assessment duration is 3 months.


Number of Traders

Accumulated Trading Volume ($)














a)      Huobi Ambassadors will be eligible for the related honor on meeting the requirement for new invited trader numbers and their accumulated trading volume.

b)      The 3-month accumulated trading volume of each new invited trader should be no less than 20,000 USDT, excluding the trading volume of stable coins.

c)      The eligibility quota for different levels will be limited based on the ratio in all of the Huobi Ambassadors. This means that Huobi Ambassadors who do not meet the ratio will not progress to the next level based on the rankings.

d)      Huobi Ambassadors who meet the requirements will enjoy the corresponding rebate policy and related benefits. 

7.      Elimination Standards

Huobi Ambassadors who meet any of the situations below will be eliminated:

a)    Community: The number of members in the corresponding Huobi community is less than 50 in the first month or less than 200 within 3 months.

b)    New invited users: The number of newly registered users in the first month is less than 20, or less than 100 within 3 months.

c)    New invited traders: The number of new invited traders in the first month is less than 3 accumulated trading volume of each trader in the first month must be more than 10,000 USDT, or less than 15 within 3 monthsaccumulated trading volume of each trader within 3 months must be more than 20,000 USDT.

d)    Trading volume of new invited usersTotal trading volume of the new traders within 3 months is less than 1,000,000 USDT.

e)    Huobi Ambassadors who rank in the last 30% based on the assessment standard

f)     Anyone found to have engaged in malicious or illicit activities such as fake transactions.

g)    Any behavior which may harm or disparage Huobi’s brand or the interests of other Huobi Ambassadors.  

8.      Apply to join

a)      The first phase of the Huobi Ambassador Recruitment Program will only recruit 100 ambassadors. Join us now! This registration is on a voluntary basis, and will be approved by Huobi after review and evaluation!

b)      Candidates from the following countries cannot participate: Mainland China, the United States of America, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, and Crimea.

c)      Huobi reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. Huobi ambassadors need to abide by the relevant management rules. Huobi reserves the right to cancel the honorary title and benefits for ambassadors who violate the rules.


Thank you for your support of Huobi Global!


Huobi Global

April 24, 2022


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