Huobi Pool Launches CSPR Staking

Dear Valued Users,

Huobi Pool will launch Casper (CSPR) staking. Stake CSPR to enjoy up to 10% ARR rewards!

Launch Time: July 14, 2021, 10:00 (UTC)


Participation Currency: CSPR

Rewards Currency: CSPR

Rewards Calculation Starting Time: T+1 

Rewards Distribution Time: T+2

Staking Cycle: Withdraw at any time; Unfreeze for about 24 hours based on the Casper chain rules

Participation Quota: Initial Investment of 100 CSPR


1. From 10:00, July 14 to 10:00, July 21, 2021 (UTC), users who participate in the first phase of staking and also pledge over 10,000 CSPR will be entitled to split 60,000 CSPR.

2. Holding ≥ 10,000 HPT in Huobi Pool can allow users to receive EOS, TRX, CMT, IOST, or other airdrop rewards every day. Airdrops will be distributed according to the proportion of clients' HPT positions; Airdrops currency is determined according to the staking reward currency of the mining pool on the day.

3. Staking and airdrop rewards will be automatically distributed to users’ exchange accounts according to the issuing rules.

Participation Method:


Click here:

Huobi Global: Login to the Huobi Official Website Find “Finance” on the navigation menu, and click "Staking."

Huobi Pool: Login to Huobi Pool Official Website Find "Staking" on the Banner then click it.


Huobi Global: Update the APP to 6.1.2 or above. Find “More” on the homepage, click "Finance" and “Staking”.

Huobi Pool: Click "Staking" on the Banner.

Huobi Pool

Jul 14, 2021


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