Announcement on Awards Delivery of “XRP Swap VS DOGE Swap: Predict to Grab $50,000!”

Dear valued users,


Good news here! We’re delighted to inform you the USDT awards you acquired through “XRP Swap VS DOGE Swap: Predict to Grab $50,000!” activity have been delivered to your cross margin account of Huobi USDT-margined swaps, please kindly check! Huobi Futures thank you for your great support and participation!


The winning asset of each-day game is listed as below:

1st Game: XRP

2nd Game: XRP

3rd Game: DOGE

4th Game: XRP

5th Game: DOGE

6th Game: XRP

7th Game: XRP


Huobi Futures

Apr. 30, 2021