Celebrate PrimeBox x CryptoSoccer and Share a 1,000,000 USDT Prize Pool!

PrimeBox x CryptoSoccer is coming to Huobi on November 23, 2022. Generate and hold Trophies to win a share of our daily mega prize pool! Are you in?

POR, ARG, ITA, HAO, APT are the joint sponsors of the PrimeBox x CryptoSoccer event.

Event period: 12:00:00 (UTC) on November 23 - 11:59:59 (UTC) on November 30, 2022

Event Rules:

Participate in PrimeBox, collect cards to get Trophies, and win a share of our prize pool!

1. Complete the tasks on the event page to collect cards. Alternatively, you can also win cards by taking part in “Challenge Tasks”, “NewListing”, “Trading Bot”, “Huobi Earn”, “Dual Investment”, “Huobi NFT”, “Huobi Live”, “Huobi Community” or “Huobi Futures Trading Contest”. There are five types of cards to collect: Coach, Goalkeeper, Defender, Center, and Forward. The cards can be gifted to a friend via a link or their UID/DID. You can also exchange or swap your cards with others in Huobi group chats. To collect a card received via a link, the recipient needs to download Huobi app and activate the card via the shared link received.

2. You can exchange your Cards won from PrimeBox x Halloween for PrimeBox x CryptoSoccer Cards. 20 PrimeBox x Halloween Cards from the last event can be exchanged for 1 PrimeBox x CryptoSoccer Card. Only a limited number of cards can be exchanged daily and are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

3. Collect Cards in our daily giveaways. During the PrimeBox x CryptoSoccer event, 4 rounds of Card giveaways will take place each day at 4:00 (UTC), 10:00 (UTC), 16:00 (UTC), and 22:00 (UTC). Each round lasts 15 seconds.

4. Collect Soccer Ball to win random PrimeBox Cards! During the event period, Soccer Ball can be found on the event page or at the back of the Cards. Collect Soccer Ball by tapping the Cards. You can use 10 Soccer Ball to exchange for 1 random PrimeBox Card.

5. Redeem PrimeBox Cards with Crystals. You can use 10 Crystals to exchange for 1 PrimeBox Card.

6. If you hold no less than 100 HT for 24 hours in a day (00:00:00 - 23:59:59 UTC), you will receive 10 PrimeBox Cards the following day.

7. With all five different Cards, you can generate a Trophy to win Trophy badges, CryptoSoccer Star NFTs, cashback vouchers, PrimeList Sure-win coupons, Candydrop Sure-win coupons, and Prime trial membership.

8. The daily Top 10 participants who generate the most Trophies will receive an additional prize. The top participant who generates the most Trophies each day will receive 1 SR NFT.

Prizes for daily Top 10 participants in generating Trophies are as follows:

During the event period, all participating users can get their share of the daily prize pool and Oracle Beans based on the number of new Trophies they have at 12:00 (UTC) every day. Oracle Beans can be used in Soccer Cup Prediction or to redeem prizes.There are a total of 7 prize pools during the event.

  • Individual's Trophy share of the prize pool = Individual’s number of Trophy created on the day / Total number of Trophies created by all participating users on the day * 100%
  • Individual's rewards = Individual's Trophy share of the prize pool * Daily PrimeBox prize pool
  • Calculation cycle: 12:00:00 (UTC) Day T to 11:59:59 (UTC) Day T+1


9. Create your DID to win a CryptoSoccer Star NFT. Users can generate their Decentralized ID (DID) on the event page to win a CryptoSoccer Star NFT. The NFT can be used as your avatar on Huobi. All CryptoSoccer Star NFTs gained during the PrimeBox × CryptoSoccer event can be traded on Huobi NFT. Click here to find out more about Huobi NFT >>>


Additional NFT Reward

  • Holders of any one of the following 13 NFT collections are entitled to additional privileges: Prime Voyager, Women With Crypto, Hanazawa Kana, Easter Bunny, Holy Crab, Ula, Pizza Day, CUBE Carnival, Football Genie, Magic ETH, Moon Mission, Halloween Pumpkie, and CryptoSoccer Star. Using the NFT as your avatar, you can earn extra Cards every day, and the number of cards you can win is based on the level of your NFT. With CryptoSoccer Star as your avatar, you can get 2 times more Cards compared to Prime Voyager, Women With Crypto, Hanazawa Kana, Easter Bunny, Holy Crab, Ula NFT, Pizza Day, CUBE Carnival NGT, Football Genie, Magic ETH, Moon Mission, and Halloween Pumpkie. The extra Cards awarded for a rare NFT are double that for a regular NFT.
  • If you have multiple avatars, the Cards will be awarded according to the NFT avatar you are currently using, regardless of how many NFTs you own. Users will be awarded Cards once a day based on the NFT avatar they are currently using.
  • Users have the chance to purchase limited-edition SSR CryptoSoccer Star and SR CryptoSoccer Star at 13:00 (UTC) every day from November 23 to November 29.
  • If you purchase any rare NFT during the event period, please check if the NFT you purchase contains the aforesaid privileges. Users who bought new NFTs will be entitled to extra card rewards from the day after the purchase.



● Sub-accounts cannot be used to participate in this event.

● Users must complete KYC verification before joining this event to generate Trophies.

● Spot trading volume whose transaction fees have been offset by point cards and cashback vouchers is not counted towards the progress of the spot trading tasks.

For participants ranked 1st to 10th place daily in generating Trophies, the prizes will be distributed within 3 working days after the event ends.

● Due to local compliance requirements, users from the following countries and regions are not eligible to participate in this event: Mainland China, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, and Crimea.

● Participants who are found to be involved in any fraudulent behavior, including but not limited to money laundering, manipulation of multiple accounts, and self-trading, will be disqualified. Huobi reserves the right to freeze such accounts, confiscate any fraudulent gains, and impose other penalties it deems necessary.

● Huobi reserves the right of final interpretation regarding this event.

● Huobi reserves the right to modify, change or cancel this event for any reason and without further notice.


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November 22, 2022

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