Beginner's Guide for Copy Trading Followers (App)

Huobi's Copy Trading service offers a simple and transparent way for users to copy excellent strategies. Both copied traders and their followers can benefit from this copy-trading relationship.

By copy-trading, followers synchronize their trades with those of copied traders to obtain the same yields, while paying only a very small share of the profits to the copied traders.

How to Start Copy Trading on Huobi (for followers)

This guide for futures copy-trading will help you kickstart your copy trading journey on Huobi.

On Huobi App

Step 1: Click Copy Trading on the homepage to enter the Futures Copy Trading page.


Step 2: Tap a trader's avatar to view more information about the trader.

You can view the following details of the trader:

Total PnL (USDT), average PnL%, win rate, times of being copied, 7-day APY, profit-sharing ratio, account balance (USDT), margin (USDT), current orders, history, and followers.


Step 3: Select your favorite trader and click Follow. Then, tap Transfer to deposit funds for your copy trades.


Step 4:

Transfer USDT assets from your USDT-M Futures account to your Copy Trading account and enter a transfer amount.

Tap Transfer.


Step 5:

① After the fund transfer, return to step 3.

② Set up your fixed margin, position limit, take profit ratio, and stop loss ratio.

③ Tick "I have read and agree to the Copy Trading User Agreement" and tap Follow.

Fixed margin: The margin of every copy trading order in a range of 20-400.

Position limit: The maximum position size (principals) allowed for your copy-trading positions. Once the limit is reached, the orders that open a position will not be copied, but the orders that close a position will be copied. If this field is left blank, a default maximum limit will be used.

We kindly remind you to set up suitable take-profit and stop-loss ratios to reduce the volatility of your assets.

It's also important to set up a reasonable fixed margin and position limit to properly manage your entry cost.

You can only follow one copied trader at a time. You will need to unfollow the current trader before following another.

Step 6: Tap Follow to confirm the copy-trading relationship.

You can only follow one copied trader at a time. You will need to unfollow the current trader before following another.

Step 7:

Congratulations! You have successfully followed a trader. When the copied trader opens or closes a position, so do you.

Click My Copy Trading on the Copy Trading page to check your current copy trading positions, history trades, and the copied trader.

Click Copied Trades to see the information on your copied positions.

Click History to check your previously copied trades.

Click My Trader to check the information about the trader you are following now.


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