HT Operation Monthly Report (August 2021)

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I. HTX Token Data and Events Calendar

1. Data of HTX Token

In August 2021, HTX burnt 2.69 million HT (about 35.046 million USDT), which is 55.13% higher than that in July. As of Sep. 15th, 2021, the number of burnt HT combined has reached 280.387 million.

The HT deflation rate of the month is 1.15%. Calculation Function: HT deflation rate = (2.69 million HT burnt amount * (15%/20%))/ previous period's total quantity in circulation 176.042 million HT

Aggregate HT Circulation Amount: 219,612,430 HT

Current HT Circulation Amount: 174,024,790 HT

HT holders growth in August: 4.59% higher than last month

Please refer HT burning scheme of HTX to the following: 

The Results for HT Token Burn Program Community Vote

Announcement on the Continuation of "Monthly" Burn of HT

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2. HTX Token Activities of August

A. The Eighth HTX Prime Event, the yield of HT holding is as high as 858%

On August 27, 2021, HTX hosted the eighth HTX Prime, the new token of the eighth HTX Prime is EPIK.

The event gave HT holding users the chance to win a share of a 36 million EPIK prize pool. With a minimum cost of 100HT to hold a draw, users can get 18,000 EPIK for one draw, with a maximum yield of 858% based on the highest EPIK price.

HTX Prime allows users to place an order to receive allocations of a new token before it is listed on the exchange. Orders need to be placed in HTX Token (HT), and only users with a minimum 7-day average holding of 100 HT before the event will be allowed to place orders for the new token.

B. The APY up to 933.02%, staking HT to participate in the Second HTX PrimePool Event - New token mining

In August 2021, HTX hosted the second Primepool event. From August 16th to August 23rd, the users can join to share 16.80 million SKU new token rewards by staking a certain amount of HT to Primepool. Nearly 38,786 users spanning 95 countries participated in the second Primepool event, the APY of HT mining is as high as 933.02%.

3. Institution Data

CryptoCompare: HTX has achieved a turnover of approximately US$92.7 billion in July of 2021.

 According to the data of the EXCHANGE REVIEW July 2021 Report released by UK Research Institute CryptoCompare in August 2021, HTX reached US$92.7 billion in trading volume in July 2021.

(Note: The above data is independently published by third party research institutions, HTX only quotes third party data and HTX is not legally responsible for the third party data)

II Business Development at HTX

1. Happy HTX 8th Anniversary, Futures Master Contest Returns. The users who signed up for the event during Sept. 2nd - Sept. 8th can trade to join the contest and grab 70,000 USDT Prize Pool from Sept. 8th to Sept. 14th.

2. In August 2021, HTX listed NFT, DeFi, Solana, Algorithm stablecoin, Payment, Web3 assets - DFA, CLV, SRM, SKU, RAD, WHALE, TRIBE, YGG, SXP, COTI, EPIK, PUSH.

3. HTX rolled out RAD, SXP and SRM trading & deposit promotions:

A. Between Aug. 24th - Aug. 30th, Aug. 26th - Sept. 1st, Aug. 24th - Sept. 3rd, users can trade to win a share of 10,200 RAD, 18,000 SXP, 10,800 SRM Prize Pool.

B. Between Aug. 30th - Sept. 7th, Aug. 27th - Sept. 1st, Aug. 30th - Sept. 6th, users can earn up to 50% APY on RAD, SXP, SRM with Fixed Deposits on HTX Earn.

4. From Aug. 18th to Aug. 24th, HTX hosted the Star Tokens Trading Contest with over 50,000 USDT worth of HT and DOGE rewards. Selected Tokens in the Contest: SOL, VET, MATIC, THETA, XRP, ATOM, ADA, TRX, HT, FLOW, ALGO, and CLV.

5. HTX Earn offers flexible deposit and fixed deposit of HT with 3.00% APY. During August, the users of HTX Earn has gained yield of 1.4 million USDT and got more than 10,000 USDT on HT deposit products.

6. By the end of August, HTX USDT-based perpetual swap has supported 110 assets, of which 96 assets are supported with full position, 54 assets supported with token-based perpetual swap, 13 delivery contracts, covering popular track assets such as NFT, DeFi, Polkadot and storage.

III Media Coverage

1、AMBCrypto: Protect your assets with risk control strategies on HTX

On August 17th, according to report of the AMBCrypto: HTX is regarded as one of the safest, most secure crypto exchanges based on its track record. In eight years of operation, no major security incidents have occurred on its platform, an accomplishment HTX attributes to its risk control strategy. While HTX is focused on risk control, the exchange believes equipping its users with the education and resources they need to protect themselves is also important.

2、Cointelegraph: How HTX fights against cryptocurrency risk

On August 16th, according to report of the Cointelegraph: Maintaining the security and safety of users’ assets is the main priority of the HTX risk management team. As such, if a user is a victim of fraud, theft or other criminal activities, the HTX team works diligently with the user to implement the appropriate risk control measures.


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