App operation guide

Step 1. Log in to Huobi App

Log in to the Huobi APP and click Contract on the bottom navigation bar. Then click the Options at the top to enter the Options trading interface. Alternatively, you can click the Options icon on the homepage to enter the warrant interface.


Step 2. Transfer assets

Click the Transfer button. Select the relevant account, and enter the USDT amount to transfer assets to the Options account.


Step 3. Select a product term

Huobi Options currently support such terms as 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, 3 days and other longer terms. The product term represents the expiration time of the purchased option contract. For example, a 15-minute product means that the option contract expires in 30 minutes. This option contract will be automatically settled 30 minutes after the purchase.


Step 4. Buy Call, or Put

You can buy call, or put according to the market situation. Enter the amount of option contract related currency(unit: BTC or other currencies). The system calculates the expenses payable for purchasing the opiton contract. Click Call, or Put to buy the option contract.


Step 5. Make a payment

Confirm the order information of the option contract, such as the underlying asset, the amount of the order, the exercise price, the break-even price, and the expenses payable. The expenses payable is the fee incurred by the purchase. Click Ok to pay the expenses payable of the option contract. After paying the expenses, the expenses payable will be deducted from the Options account. Holding a call contract, a profit is made if the price of the underlying asset rises above the break-even price. Holding a put contract, a profit is made if the price of the underlyying asset falls below the break-even price. You can exercise the option contract in advance to lock in profits based on the break-even price.


Step 6. Positions

You can view the information of the unexercised contract under Positions, including the due time, unrealized profit/loss, etc. In addition, you can choose to exercise a option contract in advance under Postions. The due time represents the time at which the relevant option contract expires. Huobi Warrant are American option, and you can exercise the contract in advance before they expire.


Step 7. Settle the option contract

Huobi Options are automatically exercised and settled upon expiration. Also, Huobi Options can be exercised in advance. Under Positoins, you can click Exercise to exercise a option contract in advance for settlement. The system will calculate the expected return based on the current price of the underlying asset.


Step 8. Order History

You can click All on the Options interface to view the information about exercised option contract, such as the settlement price, realized profit/loss, etc. Realized profit/loss equals the relevant price difference minus the expenses payable.

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