The Safe and Secure Stablecoin

HUSD is a stablecoin issued by Stable Universal that is pegged 1:1 to the USD. You can trade and hold HUSD in your wallet on Huobi Global.

USD Deposit and Withdraw
0 Fees1:1 Minting & RedemptionBank Account
Deposit USD and purchase HUSD through You can then deposit the HUSD in your Huobi account to start trading.
Stablecoin Swap
1:1 Swaping
Exchange HUSD with PAX at a 1:1 ratio on Huobi Global.
Crypto Trading
Numerous CryptocurrenciesGood Market Depth
Trade HUSD against a large selection of cryptocurrencies, high market depth, and margin trading on Huobi Global.


Pegged 1: 1 to the U.S. Dollar
HUSD is backed by U.S. dollars in a 1:1 ratio held in a U.S. trust company.
Conveniently Trade
As an ERC-20 stablecoin, HUSD can be traded with many cryptocurrencies on Huobi Global and other exchanges.
Secure and Attested
HUSD entrust monthly audits and attestation to independent audit firms. The attestation reports can be viewed on
Quick & Easy Global Transfer
HUSD is a token built on the Ethereum blockchain network, with high degrees of decentralization and security.



Who is the issuer of HUSD?
Where are the funds of clients kept?
How to Purchase HUSD With USD
How to Redeem HUSD For USD
HUSD Attestation Reports
An independent U.S. audit firm conducts monthly audits of the custody cash that backs up the HUSD tokens in circulation.
HUSD Data Center
You can access the most recent third-party/public data and information on HUSD.

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