First fully Influencer backed Multi-Chain Launchpad.
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VPAD (VLaunch)

First fully Influencer backed Multi-Chain Launchpad.

I. Project Introduction

VLaunch is the first of its kind multichain launchpad backed by the most prominent thought leaders in the blockchain space, VLaunch is focused on creating value for upcoming launching projects and for the community by actively engaging more than 180 of the top influencers in the industry.

VLaunch introduces its platform to make this possible and the VPAD token which serves as the essence of launchpad which will be required to participate in those highly sought-after and limited public sales of tier 1 projects.
The VLaunch allocation distribution system ensures that the number of onboarded supporters and IDO participants is as large as possible and that the staking requirements are as low as possible. Allocation winners will be transparent for all to see. 

​II. Token Information

1) Basic Information

Token name: VPAD (VLaunch)

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Tokens in Circulation: 177,613,636

2) Token Distribution and Token Release Schedule:

Party% of the totalToken Release Schedule
Founders & Early Team 14%12 month lockup and Vesting over 18 months 
Pre-sale purchasers10%Vesting over 24 months from TGE
Public IDO3%None
IDO (Locked)2%12 month lockup and Vesting over 4 months 
Future Drop (community)3%12 month lockup and Vesting over 4 months 
Market Maker3%None
Liquidity 5%50% at TGE and vesting over 2 months
Marketing & Growth 15%4% at TGE and vesting over 24 months
Partners 6%4% at TGE and vesting over 24 months
Staking Rewards18%Vesting over 36 months from TGE
Activity Rewards4%10% at TGE and Vestings over 10 months
Reserve 15%12 month lockup and Vesting over 24 months 
Advisor2%12 month lockup and Vesting over 12 months 

III. Related Links

​Official Website: https://www.vlaunch.com/

Blockchain explorer Links: https://etherscan.io/token/0x51FE2E572e97BFEB1D719809d743Ec2675924EDc

Whitepaper Link: https://www.vlaunch.com/whitepaper

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VLaunchCOM

Telegram: https://t.me/VLaunchCOMToken

Telegram Alert Channel: https://t.me/codenamevalerts

Telegram Project Chat: https://t.me/VLaunchCOM

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