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PYR(Vulcan Forged)
Premium Blockchain Game Studio, Cross-chain NFT Marketplace. Makers of VulcanVerse
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I. Project Introduction

Vulcan Forged is a community-based project that promotes the development of world-class blockchain games by supporting developers through its development programs, incubation, and crowdfunding. It is a one-stop shop where blockchain game enthusiasts can access popular games and a huge NFT marketplace to buy & sell digital assets in-game.

It is already an established NFT game studio, marketplace, and dApp incubator with 10+ games, 1,000s of users, and $3m in NFT trading volume making it the top 5 NFT marketplace. The entire ecosystem is powered by its own $PYR settlement, staking, and utility token. The ERC-20 compatible $PYR is a cross-platform currency (currently on Ethereum & Polygon) designed to be interoperable across different game environments under the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. 


II. Token Information 

1) Token Basic Information 

· Token symbol: $PYR

· Total Token Supply: 50,000,000 

· Total Circulating Supply: 20,000,000 (November 2021) 

· Price of tokens for early investors: US$0.40

· TGE Date: March 2021

2) Token Distribution and Release Schedule 

CategoryShare of Total SupplyRelease schedule 
Staking pool20% (10,000,000 PYR)

Monthly emission of 208,333.33 $PYR 

over 4 years starting from January 1st 2022

Team Allowance5% (2,500,000 PYR)

Monthly emission of 208,333.33 $PYR

 over 10 years starting from 23rd March 2024 

ICO/Circulating Supply40% (20,000,000 PYR)Already circulating
Reserve35% (17,500,000 PYR)Locked for 4 years. 
Total100% (50,000,000 PYR) 

Table 1:Token Distribution and Release Schedule Table


III. Related Links 

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· Blockchain Explorers:



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