How to connect Huobi Wallet to DeFi protocols

Huobi Wallet allows you to store tokens from up to 20 chains in a single wallet. By integrating a variety of dApp interfaces, Huobi Wallet helps you manage multi-chain assets, track real-time Defi mining income, and claim rewards with just one click.
You can use 火幣錢包 like you would any other mobile app, but token ownership compels you to be more responsible for keeping your seed phrases safe and ensuring 加密錢包安全. Just as you should never share your bank account PIN with anyone, you should never show your seed phrases to anyone as this would enable them to empty your account.
Some users connect to crypto products using solely their phones or computers, while some use both. You can connect to DeFi protocols directly from the Huobi Wallet mobile app, or using dApps on your desktop.
This lesson will demonstrate the aforementioned two ways in which you can connect Huobi Wallet to DeFi protocols.
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Connecting to DeFi protocols via the Huobi Wallet app 

1. Launch the app and select [dApp].
2. Select the DeFi protocol you want to connect to by from the list below. For this example, we will select Curve; you can find it under [ETH].
3. Always read the risks, user agreement, and privacy policy related to each dApp. Once you have read and understood the project information and risks, tap [Enter].
4. Select [Connect wallet].
5. Once connected, you can start using the services of your chosen DeFi protocol.

Connecting to DeFi protocols on desktop using Huobi Wallet 

1. Go to the official website of the DeFi protocol of your choice; we will use AAVE in this example.
2. Click on [Connect wallet].
3. Now click on [WalletConnect]. A QR code will then appear.
4. Open the Huobi Wallet mobile app, then tap the [Scan] icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
5. Scan the QR code on your desktop and tap [Authorize] in your mobile app to provide AAVE with your wallet address.
6. If your wallet is successfully linked, you will see your wallet address in the upper right corner of the AAVE website.
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