How to set up a sub-account on Huobi Global

Using one account for all your trading activities can be confusing. For example, you may want to HODL some of your tokens in one account and keep tokens for short trades or earning passive income in another account.
Moreover, even different portions of the same token can have different uses. Therefore, we recommend opening multiple sub-accounts for various trading needs as this will enable you to divide your different trading activities more clearly and manage your transactions more efficiently.
In addition, you might need to open a sub-account if you are using multiple trading strategies or are part of a trading team. Sub-accounts are also suitable for risk management purposes. In this lesson, we will go through the simple process of opening a sub-account on Huobi Global.
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How to set up a new sub-account

1. Mouse over the character at the top of the Huobi Global main page (in the red box below), then click on ‘Sub-account’.
2. Click ‘Create sub-account’.
3. Enter a name for the sub-account. We also recommend adding some notes on the role of the account. For example, if you name the account ‘HoldingAccount’, you could add a note that says, “Never transfer out.” Once this is done, click ‘Create sub-account’.
4. You can also add multiple accounts simultaneously by clicking ‘Add sub-account’.
5. Complete the security authentication process to finish creating your account.
6. You will see the new account on the ‘Sub-account’ list. Note that this account has a different UID number and different properties from your main account and other sub-accounts.
7. To modify the account, click ‘Settings’. You can add various account permissions or enable account logins so it will function like your main account.
8. You can transfer assets to the new account by clicking ‘transfer’ and following the subsequent steps.
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