Around the Blockchain with Huobi Learn (25 Apr 2022)

Bienvenue dans Autour de la Blockchain, le récapitulatif quotidien de Huobi Learn des marchés de la cryptographie.
The Central African Republic has become the second country in the world to adopt Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. The unanimous vote by the nation’s National Assembly follows in the footsteps of El Salvador’s acceptance of Bitcoin as legal tender in June 2021 and broadens the global adoption of crypto. Bitcoin’s price did not change significantly following the announcement.

Reuters published an article over the weekend saying that Binance had shared its user data with Rosfinmonitoring, Moscow’s financial intelligence unit, to assist the Russian state in identifying donors to jailed Russian opposition Alaxey Navalny’s foundation. Binance has responded to deny the allegations, saying that “Suggestions that Binance shared any user data, including (sic) Alexei Navalny, with Russian FSB controlled agencies and Russian regulators are categorically false.” However, Binance also said that prior to the Russia-Ukraine war, it was actively complying with Russian laws and responding to “appropriate requests from regulators and law enforcement agencies.” Russia has designated Navaly’s foundation as a terrorist organisation. Binance has been the only crypto exchange so far to enforce sanctions arising from the war.

North Korea continues to access and launder the $600 million in crypto it stole from Axie Infinity’s Ronin network last week in spite of sanctions put in place to try and freeze the wallets containing the stolen assets. The US Government had identified the hackers as the North Korean “Lazarus Group”, and blockchain analytics firm Elliptics says that almost $100 million of the loot has already been laundered.

Football Club Liverpool FC have announced that they are “in talks with cryptocurrency firms about groundbreaking new shirt sponsorship”. The club has not confimed any deal yet, and is also negotiating with non-crypto companies. Liverpool FC launched a NFT collection last month that raise about $1.43 million for the club, but expectations had been much higher as only about 10,000, or 5% of, the 171,000 minted NFTs were successfully auctioned off by Sotheby’s.

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BTC struggled to maintain its price over $40,000 and fell below the psychological support level in early trading today to hit $38,736. Charts showed overall bearish signals on the RSI and MACD; a long wick on the daily chart also reinforced the sell signals. The rest of the crypto market also slipped alongside the market leading Bitcion, although Chainlink (LINK) fared slightly better over the weekend to chart a 0.1% gain.
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