Walkthrough: The Huobi Futures trading interface

You can customize the Huobi Futures trading interface layout by going to [Custom Layout], then choosing your preferred interface view from the left side of the drop-down menu, as well as different information / action zones from the right side of the menu.
For the sake of simplifying this lesson, start by clicking [Reset] at the bottom of the Custom Layout box.
After resetting the trading interface, you will see the following screen.

Different parts of the Huobi Futures trading interface

1. The menu section contains links to other Huobi Futures pages, such as coin-margined futures, USDT-margined contracts, and d-warrants. The [Markets] tab will bring you to a page where you can view all the trading contracts offered on Huobi Global and Huobi Futures exchanges.
Additionally, you may access the rest of the options by mousing over the tabs, which opens a drop-down menu with different options. For example, by viewing Trading Management, you can easily access your derivatives assets, PnL Analysis, Transaction Records, and other items related to your trading.
2. The second area from the top allows you to access contract-related information, such as the current contract’s name and main statistics related to the contract. Here you can also change the contract by bringing your cursor to the downward-pointing arrow.
3. Under that is a price chart of the chosen contract. You’ll see a real-time display of the order book data to the right of the price chart. You can also enable the Follow a Maker and Follow a Taker function from the top of the order book by tapping on the slide button.
You can adjust the accuracy of the order book in the drop-down menu from the bottom of the order book (0.01 by default).
4. In this area, you can set the order entries. This box contains everything you need for opening or closing a trade. For example, you can check Understanding Different Types of Orders to get you started on different order options.
5. The Assets box allows you to deposit and transfer assets to / from your Huobi Futures trading account. It also shows important calculations related to current contracts and your positions. Make sure to follow the Margin Ratio to prevent liquidation (the lower the margin ratio, the higher the risk. When the margin ratio falls to 0, it will trigger forced liquidation).
6. This area is an overview of your positions and assets. You may click on Positions, Open Orders, Order History, Transaction History, Transaction Records, All Positions, and Assets at the top of this area to get a complete picture of your current / past trades and assets.
7. The Huobi Futures trading interface allows you to add a Market Depth indicator from the Custom Layout. It graphically shows buy and sell orders at different prices and thus, might help you determine whether you should open or close a trade.
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