Walkthrough: Making a deposit on Huobi Earn

Earning an income from crypto need not be complicated. Huobi Global introduced Huobi Earn on 26 Jan 2021 to lower the barriers to entry for new investors to get better and easier returns in the crypto space. It works like a savings account, allowing investors to park their idle cryptocurrencies in a wallet to earn interest (you can read our more detailed lesson on Huobi Earn here).

How to make your first deposit on Huobi Earn

1. On the Huobi Global main site, click [Finance], then [Huobi Earn].
2. Choose a suitable earning option. You will see the Huobi Global special offers under ‘Tailored options with stable earnings’.
Alternatively, you can browse other options to suit your specific needs in the separate [Featured], [Prudent] and [Special Recommendation] classes.
You can also search for a specific token using the [Search Tokens] tab.
3. In this example, we will deposit USDT to Huobi Earn with a flexible lock-in term, which means the deposited tokens can be withdrawn at any time without restrictions. You can do the same by finding the USDT token from a list, clicking [Flexible], and clicking [Deposit Now].
You can switch on the ‘Auto Transfer’ button to enable available balances in your Exchange Account to be transferred to your Flexible Earn Account every day at 18:00 (GMT+8).
4. Choose the amount you want to deposit and ensure that all contract information is correct.
5. Check the box indicating you agree to the Huobi Earn Contract once you have read it, then click [Next].
6. Run a final check that all the correct information is in place. To finalize the deposit, click [Confirm to buy].
Note that if you choose a lock-in term other than ‘Flexible’, you can withdraw your deposit only on the maturity date. For example, if the maturity date is in 90 days, you can get your money back only after that period has passed.
New to Huobi? Register for a Huobi account and receive up to $300 as a Welcome Bonus’ to help you start your investment journey! If you’re an existing user, check out Huobi Earn, where you can start earning interest from your idle cryptocurrencies!