Refer and Earn: Earn up to $80,000 monthly

One of Huobi Global’s big attractions is our Refer and Earn program, which is designed to give our users the highest lifetime payouts. The baseline reward for referring a friend to Huobi is 30% of all their transaction fees — for 2 years! Anyone can qualify but users who have very strong social clout can earn even more.
Refer and Earn pays you for the real value you contribute to our community and our exchange. Unlike a mystery box system where the rewards are difficult to sustain, or a one-time payout that devalues over time due to inflation, Huobi Global’s direct commissions mean you will keep earning as long as your referrals keep trading.
Open a new browser window and go to to get started.
Here on the Refer and Earn page, you will find an overview of how much commission you have earned so far. Commissions from your friends’ spot trading are paid to your Exchange Account daily in USDT, while commissions from your friends’ futures trading are paid to your futures account every hour in the token in which your friend traded futures.
You can also see how much you have helped your friends save, if you choose to share the wealth.
Share the wealth
Huobi Global gives you the freedom to share your commissions with your friends in the form of trading fee rebates. You can do this by generating different referral codes with different sharing proportions. For example, you may want to give your friends a 10% rebate on their trading fees while you retain a 20% commission.
Under the section ‘My referral codes’, click ‘+ Add New Code’. A pop-up box will ask you to select the split between your friends’ rebates and your commissions. Click ‘Confirm’ once you are happy with your settings and a new code will be generated with that sharing setting.
Now you can choose ‘Copy link’ and share it via social media or messenger, or choose ‘Generate the Poster’ to download promotional images with QR codes.
You can also select which referral code you want to set as the default referral code for sharing.
At the bottom of the page, you can find filters to track and manage your list of referrals, your commissions from referrals, and the trading rebates they have earned.
The power of your network
If you have a very strong and positive influence on people in your network, and are able to invite a very large number of people in 3 months, you can also apply to upgrade your commission tier so that you earn up to 60% commission for certain types of trades (subject to specific conditions).
But even if you can’t get hundreds of people to register and trade on Huobi Global, you will always receive 30% of all your friends’ trading fees through the Refer and Earn program. It’s one of the best deals in the crypto world!
New to Huobi? Register for a Huobi account and receive up to $300 as a ‘Welcome Bonus’ to help you start your investment journey! If you’re an existing user, check out Huobi Earn, where you can start earning interest from your idle cryptocurrencies!