How to Contact Customer Service?

1. Click the Help button at the bottom right hand corner


2. You can type the keywords for your problem in the search bar. For example, type “RUB” / “EUR” / “Deposit” / “Withdraw”, and related articles will show up.

3. If those articles can’t solve your problem, you can chat with our online customer service by clicking on “Contact us” on the bottom right corner.  You can choose to chat online or leave us a message.


4. Please fill in the required fields. Next, click “Start chat”, our online customer service will respond to you in a few minutes.


5. Type your message below. An automated message will pop up for you to choose the nature of your query. Please reply to the message with the relevant number.


6. If the automatic message still did not resolve your problem, our customer support assistant will step in to help. Thank you for your patience.