How to use flash close

Flash Close is an order function that helps traders close short or long positions conveniently and rapidly. When using a Flash Close, the trader needs only to enter the order amount – the system will automatically match the best 30 prices from the order book to achieve the best possible price. If the trade leaves an unexecuted surplus amount, it will be converted into a regular limit order.  

Step by step

1. Go to the Huobi Futures trading interface and click [Close]. You can set Flash close to Immediate-Or-Cancel (IOC) and Fill-Or-Kill (FOK) limit orders. 

2. If you want to close a short position. First, choose IOC or FOK. Next, click the lightning sign. To finish your order, enter the amount, choose between Cross and Isolated, adjust the leverage, and when you are ready to open the order, click [Close Short]

3. Alternatively, if you want to Close Long, simply follow the same logic but use the box on the right-hand side. 

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