How to join the Huobi Global community

Huobi Global is not only an exchange. It’s a crypto community that connects people with diverse interests in crypto and blockchain.
Joining the Huobi Global community is free to anyone worldwide. You can become a community member regardless of whether you are a developer, HODL-er, designer, or Huobi user. In fact, the more unique talents join the community, the stronger it gets.
The crypto landscape is changing fast — technologies evolve, token prices move and regulations change. Forging connections with people who possess different types of knowledge and skills can be highly useful in helping you keep up with the numerous components of the ever-changing crypto market.
In an optimal situation, you would have a mastermind group in which each person is responsible for things like token research, daily news, technical analysis, technology, and current market structures. The Huobi Global community isn’t structured this way but it is populated by hundreds of thousands of users who are immensely valuable to the community. Some people share the latest news, others broach technical discussions, and yet others simply have fun by posting memes.
Once you are a part of the Huobi Global community, you can:
  • ask questions and get answers about anything happening in the crypto market
  • connect with different people and engage in discussions without judgment
  • stay updated on Huobi Global announcements, promotions, and token listings
  • hear different views from experts and non-experts alike
You can become a member of the Huobi Global community in a couple of ways, depending on your needs. To begin, you need a Huobi Global account to buy and sell tokens, participate in various campaigns, and benefit from other possibilities the exchange may offer.
Secondly, you can follow Huobi Global on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to see the latest posts, react to them and participate in conversations. 
You also need a place where you can have private conversations and where most of the community’s insider conversations happen. This is where Huobi Global’s Telegram and Discord channels come in.
Those who are not fluent in English or who would simply rather communicate in other languages can connect with other such users through our multilingual community channels.
Remember always to remain cautious when joining a group. The best way to ensure you are joining an official group is to follow links on Huobi Global’s social media channel bios. You can also verify any channel by sending Huobi Global a Twitter message.
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