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CashZone is an innovative advertising platform that allows all involved members to share advertising revenue with members who directly consume advertising. CashZone is a innovatory way of advertising platforms and advertising revenue.
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I. Project Introduction
Cashzone creates a virtual space that produces value in conjunction with real life and real space. Metaverse in Cashzone do not contain complex virtual spaces, but puts on a layer of Cashzone on top of the actual space.

Cashzone is in the middle of an electronic billboard and a flyer. Electronic billboards have the advantage of being visible to a large floating population, but their prices are high-priced to install and maintain. They are also limited in size and location. On the contrary, paper flyers do not include a variety of media instead of being able to promote guerrilla activities in the area they want at a lower price.

Cashzone combines the advantages of these two ways of advertising with [email protected] Cashzone's FLOW is as follows:
1. The advertiser sends the ad to the end user near the advertiser's store with a cash zone token.
2. Users watch ads and receive tokens as rewards.
3. The accumulated rewards will be used as a means of payment at small business stores.
Advertisers feel free to set the time, target, and location they want to send ads to, and distribute more efficient flyers because they are not affected by the weather.
Users can earn money by collecting tokens just by watching advertisements.

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