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BFT(Bnk To The Future)
BnkToTheFuture is an online investment platform that has been used to invest in financial innovation and technology companies
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1. Programme Name

Bnk To The Future (BFT)

2. Project Introduction

BnkToTheFuture started their mission in 2010 to build the largest and most reputable Online Investment Platform in order to co-invest with other professional investors in the future of finance and technology.

BnkToTheFuture has a community of over 60,000 global professional investors all investing online in FinTech, Bitcoin and Blockchain companies. Previous clients include BitFinex, BitStamp, Krakan, ShapeShift, BitPay Telegram and over 100 others. Those that hold a minimum of 10,000 BFT and deposit them onto the get priority access to all future deals and in 2018 we aim to launch a compliance-driven Securities Token Market.

3. Distribution

33% (330,000,000 BFT) (US$33m) sold in token sale.
300,000,000 BFT (US$30m) pre-sale cap. No bonus or discount. No lock-in period.
30,000,000 BFT (US$3m) public sale cap.
Minimum purchase US$1,000 and maximum purchase US$10,000. No lock-in. No bonus or discount.
30% (300,000,000) Bnk To The Future Capital SPC Company Tokens with a 2 year lock-in.
20% (200,000,000) Rewards Pool. Timed fixed release.
10% (100,000,000) Shareholders, Advisors, Founders. 1 year lock-in for founders, shareholders and advisors.
7% (70,000,000) Token Sale costs / expenses. No lock-in.

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