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WALLET(Ambire Wallet)
Ambire Wallet is the first DeFi wallet that combines power, security and ease of use, while also being open-source and non-custodial.
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WALLET (Ambire Wallet)

Ambire Wallet is the first DeFi wallet that combines power, security and ease of use, while also being open-source and non-custodial.

I. Project Introduction

Ambire Wallet is a new-generation, full-featured cryptocurrency wallet, designed for anyone from the absolute beginner in crypto to the crypto- and DeFi-savvy users.It brings to the table a number of innovative features like transaction batching, automatic gas management, hardware wallet support for military grade security, etc.With Ambire wallet, anyone can easily benefit from the crypto and DeFi industries without dealing with complicated interfaces, or learning complex concepts. It handles everything under the hood so that users can focus on the actions they want to perform and nothing else.This intuitive wallet helps people avoid stuck transactions, protect their crypto assets and skip the overwhelming learning curve of DeFi protocols and tools.With a crypto-enabled debit card in the pipeline, Ambire Wallet will also allow users to purchase crypto with fiat and easily spend their crypto assets for everyday transactions.

​II. Token Information

1) Basic Information

Token name: WALLET (Ambire Wallet)

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Tokens in Circulation: 23,691,592.31

2) Token Distribution and Token Release Schedule:

Party% of the totalToken Release Schedule
Founders, Early Team10.00%3 year linear vesting; allocations to team members are distributed as long as the given person is part of the team, if they leave, they lose the remainder
Early Backers10.00%1 year linear vesting (linear: more tokens unlock every block, and recipients can claim manually when they want to)
Early Users30.00%For early users and stakers, distributed over 4 years (early user continuous airdrop)
ADX Stakers10.00%As a way of involving the AdEx community and promoting Ambire to the community, distributed over 18 months as additional staking rewards; this staking reward is locked (distributed in xWALLET and received only in the Wallet itself)
DAO37.00%Allocation to the WALLET DAO
Innitial liquidity3.00%For launching the token

III. Related Links

Official Website:

Whitepaper Link:

Blockchain explorer Links:

Discord chat:



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