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Engine is a car data sharing platform based on the blockchain, establishing a lifetime immutable digital file for each car.
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1. Programme Name

Engine (EGCC)

2. Project Introduction

Engine is based on the blockchain to build a big data sharing platform for cars, to create a tamperproof digital file for each vehicle. Engine will play an irreplaceable role in fields such as vehicle inquiry, vehicle value assessment, automobile transaction, and automobile financial service.

3. Token Distribution

Token Distribution:

The total amount of EGCC is fixed at 10 billion and will never be increased. The methods of external distribution are only for conversion. The conversion proportion is 40% of the total, or 4 billion EGCCs, and 35,000 Ethereums are planned to be exchanged. Proportion of EGCC's commercial activities 15%, or 1.5 billion EGCCs. The project foundation holds 25% or 2.5 billion EGCCs. The business activities such as business expansion and data collection reserve 20% or 2 billion EGCCs. The reserve ratio of commercial operation is 15%, which is mainly used for the EGCC community operation and maintenance, trading platform cooperation and other commercial operations. The EGCC for commercial operation does not have a lock-up arrangement. If the commercial operation is not consumed within 2 years, it will be returned to the Foundation for management.

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