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Huobi Coinbook

A platform connecting Huobi users, project teams and investment institutions

Our Strength

The Financial Hub of Digital Assets

Provide digital asset trading and asset management services for millions of users in 130 countries worldwide.

Have an independent and professional blockchain asset research and evaluation system.

Own partners from the world's top capital and investment banks.

Senior media and operational resources of the blockchain industry.

Adhere to the values of integrity, openness, innovation, cooperation and entrepreneurship to promote the healthy development of global blockchain.

What Do We Offer

Huobi User Privileges

· Get notified of project updates in a timely manner to help you invest wisely.

· Online Q&A with project teams to provide you with solutions.

· Rate or like projects to help to list the high-quality projects.

Project Team Privileges

· Set up rich project files and update the development progress.

· Broadcast live to millions of users on the platform.

· Deep interactions with investment institutions and Huobi users.

Investment Institutions Privileges

· Sponsor projects, which have the priorities of being listed.

· Discover high-quality project resources fast.

· Share Huobi’s revenue.