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  • Your user level will be determined by your HT holdings and total trade volume (BTC equivalent) over the past 30 days. The data of your parent and sub accounts will be counted together.
  • User's trade volume (BTC equivalent) in the past 30 days is calculated at 0:00 (GMT+8) on a daily basis. Specifically, the trade volume is converted to BTC based on the closing price of the trading pair between BTC and the given currency at 0:00 (GMT+8) each day.
  • HT holdings captured by the taken on the previous day will be regarded as HT holdings of the day;
  • User level and loan limit are automatically updated at 4:00(GMT+8) every day;
  • The limit of the loan, margin, and holding of the sub-account is 1/10 of that of the parent account.
  • In Cross Margin trading, investors can use all tradable balance of mainstream cryptocurrencies as the margin, while a margin ceiling is applied to non-mainstream cryptocurrencies. The amount that exceeds the ceiling will not be counted as the margin. Max Available Borrows = Effective Margin * (Leverage -1) - Amount Borrowed.
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