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HB10 Index

Index introduction
  • Index

    HB10 Index

  • Abbreviation

    HUOBI 10

  • Launch date


  • Number of coins


HB10 Index is composed of 10 coins that are listed on Huobi and have the higher market value, larger scale and better circulation to reflect the overall performance of Huobi Global's market.

The sample space is all listed coins that are traded against USDT at Huobi Global. According to the different properties of the blockchain assets, they can be divided into four categories: "coin", "platform", "application" and "real asset token".

The "coin" refers to an asset developed on the basis of blockchain technology that does not correspond to a specific use case and whose main function is only the subject of the transaction, the value of which is mainly reflected through liquidity;
The “platform” coin refers to the asset associated with development of the underlying blockchain technology and supported by the right to use or to participate in the platform;
The “application” coin refers to the asset associated with a specific application scenario and supported by a certain right to use, participation or dividend;
The “real asset token” refers to digital currencies that are linked with gold, US dollar and other actual assets.

On this basis, HB10 Index is calculated by the formula of Pasche weighted composite price index, with the average daily trading volume of the previous quarter taken as a core index of sample selection.

The daily average data can reduce the impact of single-day price volatility and better reflect the liquidity of digital assets during the audit period. In addition, this index will determine the proportion of index components of different types of blockchain assets according to the sum of the average daily trading volume of each type of blockchain assets in the previous quarter, so as to comprehensively reflect the overall performance of blockchain assets listed on Huobi and reflect the overall development of all kinds of blockchain technology applications.

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Component coins
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