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LINK(LN) is a crypto asset of the LINE Blockchain, a blockchain developed independently by LINE.
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LINK(LN) is a crypto asset of the LINE Blockchain, a blockchain developed independently by LINE.

I. Project Introduction

LINK(LN) is a crypto asset of the LINE Blockchain, a blockchain developed independently by LINE. LINE as a global mobile platform corporation with more than 190 million monthly active users (MAU) is seeking innovative digital finance transformations.
LINE Blockchain is expanding the ecosystem in all directions within the blockchain industry, including blockchain platform, crypto asset exchange, and NFT platform ‘DOSI’(Global) and ‘LINE NFT’(only for Japan).

For ‘Blockchain Designed for Everyone,’ LINE Blockchain aims at a universal blockchain ecosystem pursued by ordinary people for their mass usage. To meet their needs for better user experiences and to maximize the practicality of digital assets, we provide an all-in-one mainnet, an OPEN API dev platform, and a LINE account-based wallet service. And to inculcate the blockchain technology concepts.

Since the launch of the LINE Blockchain project in 2018, the team has been forming a safe and secure token economy. LINE NEXT Inc. was established last year and is spurring the official launch of the global NFT platform ‘DOSI’ by making strategic investment agreements with global promising companies, such as SoftBank Corp., NAVER, CJ ENM, and more. In Japan, LINE Xenesis also aims to build an encompassing LINE messenger-based blockchain ecosystem.

II. Token Information
1) Basic Information
Token name: LN (LINK)
Total supply:1,000,000,000 LN (Max Supply)

Tokens in Circulation: 6,304,680 LN

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