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IguVerse is the first mover in SocialFi with the use of AI/ML for "text-to-NFT" and "photo-to NFT" generation.
Market Dynamics
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Current Price
ICO Date
Total Supply
Circulating Supply
Market Cap
Circulating Mkt Cap
The price range covers the costs of earlier institutional & individual investors.
Price for Earlier Investors
Private placement cost was average 0.035 USD. Public placement price was 0.08 USD (DAO Maker)

I. Project Introduction

IguVerse is the first mover in SocialFi with the use of AI/ML for "text-to-NFT" and "photo-to NFT" generation. The Project is an addictive socialization game, where:
● users create their truly unique pet NFTs with the use of AI/ML tool. Every time it creates different NFT
● play with pet NFT by (a) sharing it in their socials (Instagram, TikTok), (b) walking with their pets and (c) playing an addictive mini-game
● by performing these tasks, users earn reward tokens, which are used to feed a pet NFT and to upgrade its level within a certain given rank

Application has integrated features:
● Built in non-custodial wallet, which allows web-2 users easily be onboarded
● Possibility to sell rewards instantly in BUSD or BNB via integrated DEX
● Integrated AI/ML tool, which allows users create NFTs from a photo of their pet, or from their imagination (text-to-image functionality)

II. Token Information
1) Basic Information
Token name: IGU
Total supply: 400,000,000 IGU
TGE Date: 16 Feb 2023 (planned TGE date)
Price for early investors: Private placement cost was average 0.035 USD; Public placement price was 0.08 USD (DAO Maker)

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