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ANKR(Ankr Network)
Ankr is a Web3 infrastructure and cross-chain staking DeFi platform.
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1. Brief Introduction

Ankr is a Web3 blockchain cloud infrastructure platform designed to lower the barriers for individuals, enterprises and developers to participate in the blockchain ecosystem. Ankr Node Marketplace provides simple, fast, and economical one-click node deployment solutions, while the Ankr API Marketplace provides one-click API solutions for public blockchain and DeFi protocols.
2. Detailed Introduction

Ankr is the first Node-as-a-Service platform for blockchain nodes deployment. We make infrastructure for deploying any blockchain node easy, accessible, affordable and instantly distributed across the globe. Our cloud platform is powered by enterprise grade data centers around the globe, who monetize their compute resources with Ankr.

Ankr provides a pragmatic business solution with a real use case, where node operators can utilize idle cloud resources from high-specification data centers to run blockchain nodes, which are easy to access and able to deploy in just a few clicks, while data center owners monetize their idle resources through the Ankr cloud platform. This enables Ankr to provide computing power much closer to users at a much cheaper price, which comes with some significant benefits to the end users.
3. Token Allocation

Team + Advisor: 20%
Community: 40%
Marketing: 5%
Tranche (locked + unlocked): 30%
Public Sale: 5%
4. Token Information and Release Schedule

Private Round Price: $0.0033, $0.0044, $0.0055
Public Round Price:$0.0066

Release Rules:

Marketing (5%) and some Tranche (17%) were unlocked in May 2019 and the remaining Tranche (13%) were unlocked in September 2019. Teams and advisors started to unlock for monthly release from October 2019, with 2 years of release. Community rewards were released from July 2019, with 2 years to release.

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