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Lumerin Price

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LMR (Lumerin)

Lumerin is a routing protocol that makes it simple and easy to control how, when, and why data and communications are routed via smart contracts from audio, to video, to hashpower.

I. Project Introduction

Lumerin is a routing protocol that makes it simple and easy to control how, when, and why data and communications are routed via smart contracts. Our first use case of the Lumerin Protocol is turning Bitcoin hashpower into a commodity and creating a global, decentralized hashpower marketplace. This marketplace gives miners better access to larger markets for their hashpower and allows others to invest and buy/sell hashpower at reduced risk. This first use case converts Bitcoin hashrate into a marketable, liquid financial commodity, increasing mining profitability and capital availability.

​II. Token Information

1) Basic Information

Token name: LMR (Lumerin)

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Tokens in Circulation: 52,303,430 in March 2022

2) Token Distribution and Token Release Schedule:

Party % of the total Token Release Schedule
Founders & Early Team 25.000% 6 month lockup, 24 months vested thereafter
Pre-sale purchasers 23.100% 3 month lockup, 12 months vested thereafter
Public 4.300% Tranche 1 - 2 month cliff, 4 months thereafter (21.25% monthly from month 3 onwards)
Tranche 2 - 1 month cliff, 2 months thereafter (37.5% monthly from month 2 onwards)
Tranche 3 - None
Grant 10% Community and Tech development grants over 24 months
Long-term project endowment 37.600% Mineable - over 5 years, pool loyalty rewards over 126 months, partners and advisors over 26 months

III. Related Links

Official Website:

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Key Stats
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2022-03-28 00:00:00
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