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League of Kingdoms Arena Price

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LOKA (League of Kingdoms Arena)

League of Kingdoms is the world's first blockchain MMO strategy game.

I. Project Introduction

League of Kingdoms is a free-to-play, MMO war strategy game on the blockchain. The main gameplay of League of Kingdoms is similar to a traditional 4x RTS (Real-time strategy), but it is powered by blockchain technology and ownership is central to the core concepts of the game. As an alliance-based tactical strategy game, players can build kingdoms, raise armies, form alliances, and compete on the battlefields. All the lands in the game are non-fungible tokens and can be owned by users.

Players do not require any prior experience or knowledge with cryptocurrencies to play the game and do not need to own Land NFTs to farm resources that can be tokenized into NFTs. With the adoption of the LOKA token, League of Kingdoms will be able to have greater player adoption, inclusion, and activation as players can effectively own, propose, vote and earn on the game platform.

LOKA is League of Kingdoms' native governance token and will be utilized for as the currency inside the League of Kingdoms game franchise and will be utilized for all in-game store purchases, such as purchasing packages, skins, goods. The LOKA token will be used as a NFT booster to create, upgrade, and acquire special NFT assets, including but not limited to upcoming Drago and Skin NFTs. The LOKA token will be also used to propose and vote on on-chain governance proposals to determine future features, policies, content, and/or parameters of the game. Last but not the least LOKA tokens can also be earned by playing the in-game competition and/or achieving special tasks — for example after each Continent vs. Continent (CvC) battle, winners will be rewarded with LOKA tokens (and potentially rarer NFT item rewards!) depending on the performance during the battle.

​II. Token Information

1) Basic Information

Token name: LOKA (League of Kingdoms Arena)

Total supply: 500,000,000

Tokens in Circulation: 50,743,590 (January 2022)

2) Token Distribution and Token Release Schedule:

Party % of the total Token Release Schedule
Founders & Early Team 20.000% Vesting over 42 months from network launch (quarterly unlock, halved once after 9th unlock)
Pre-sale purchasers 6.200% Vesting over 21 months from network launch
Public sale 5.000% Immediately released
Game Issuance 13.000% Weekly after 3 months from network launch
Land issuance 5.000% Weekly after 3 months from network launch
Staking Rewards 20.00% Weekly after 3 months from network launch
Advisors 2.00% Vesting over 42 months from network launch (quarterly unlock, halved once after 9th unlock)
Ecosystem/Growth 19.00% TG unlock + Weekly after 6 months from network launch
Reserve 9.80% TG unlock + Weekly after 6 months from network launch

III. Related Links

Official Website:

Blockchain explorer Links:

Whitepaper Link:

Discord chat:



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Key Stats
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2022-01-20 00:00:00
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