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Biconomy Price

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BICO provides plug-n-play APIs for 75+ dApps to simplify their user experience. We are on a mission to make the decentralized web accessible to everyone. It's the missing infrastructure piece to crypto adoption for onboarding the next billion. 

Our APIs & SDKs transform any dAapp to become usable for anyone regardless of their crypto knowledge and experience. Our multi-chain relayer infrastructure processes almost 50K daily transactions on 5 different blockchain networks to ensure all the benefits of web3.0 come with the intuitiveness of web2.0.

The future of the internet is decentralized, and Biconomy is a critical infrastructure on which it will stand. Biconomy makes web3.0 more usable, interoperable, and composable.

Key Features:

Every interaction with dApps is a blockchain transaction, and they are complicated. Users have to be proficient with crypto wallets, deal with gas, actively manage each transaction, move funds across various chains and much more. This is specially daunting for crypto newbies who face a steep learning curve just to get started.

The user doesn’t want to deal with these blockchain headaches. They expect the Dapp to deal with them under the hood. That’s where Biconomy comes in. Biconomy provides a simple way for Dapps to abstract away these complexities from their users.

With Biconomy, users get a simple multi-chain experience where they connect their wallet to any dApp, instantly access their funds on any chain or L2/rollup, and enjoy a completely gasless experience!

- Free gasless transactions

- Instant cross-chain transfers

- Flexible options to pay gas

- 99.9% successful transaction

- Simple instant onboarding to scaling solutions

- Cheap and instant cross-chain contract calls

Token distribution and lock-in:


Allocation Rate

Token Release Schedule

Pre Seed Round


9 month lock up, linear vesting for 27 months 

(total vesting 3 years)

Seed Round


9 month lock up, linear vesting for 24months 

(total vesting 2 years and 9 months)

Private Round


10% liquid on TGE, 6 month lockup,

linear vesting for 24 months (total vesting 2.5 years)

Strategic Investors


10% liquid on TGE, 3 month lockup

linear vesting over 12 months (total vesting 15 months)

Public Sale


(Option 1-4%;Option 2-1%)

Option 1: 3 month liner release

Option 2: 10% liquid TGE, 6 month lockup.

6 month linear release (total vesting 12 months)22%


Team& Advisors


12 months cliff, linear vesting for 24 months(total vesting 3 years)



10% liquid on TGE, 12 month lock up.

 linear vesting for 24 months (total vesting 3 years)

Community Rewards and Incentives


7.5% liquid on TGE, 1/47 each month linear release 



Project timeline:

Q2, 2019 - Biconomy Founded

Q3, 2019 - Polygon Grant Secured

Q4, 2019- Gasless Alpha Launched

Q1, 2020- Outlier Ventures Accelerator

Q2, 2020- Public Beta Launched on Eth 

Q3, 2020 - Live on polygon, xdai and Bsc

Q4, 2020 - $1.5m Strategic Supporter Round

Q1, 2021 - 30+ Live applications, ~290k total transactions, 7.08M Api Calls

Q2, 2021 - $9m Private Round Raised, ~3.69 M total transaction, 54.29M Api Calls

Q3, 2021 - Hyphen Launch, ~8m total mainent transactions, 120M Api Calls

Q4, 2021- $ Bico TGE


Team background:

The team of BICO is globally distributed, and deeply crypto native. Most of them have been working in the crypto space for 4-5 years now. Have solid experience under their belt, before they got together to work on Biconomy with the aim of simplifying the web3.0 experience.


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Contract Address (ERC20): 0xF17e65822b568B3903685a7c9F496CF7656Cc6C2

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