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Wanchain is a cross-chain digital asset infrastructure platform that integrates the three characteristics of asset cross-chain, privacy protection, and smart contract.
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1. Programme Name

Wanchain (WAN)

2. Project Introduction

Wanchain provides an infrastructure for financial applications based on digital currencies and digital assets.
Wanchain is passionate about rebuilding finance by connecting the world's digital assets onto a single blockchain. Combined with the characteristics of privacy protection and smart contract, Wanchain provides an infrastructure for financial applications based on digital currencies and digital assets.
3. Project Review

Wanchain has an international team consists of senior blockchain specialists in technical as well commercial and operational aspects. Wanchain is dedicated to researching and developing fundamental blockchain technologies for establishing a worldwide public chain with several innovations. Its global community has strong influences and countless supporters.
4. Project Progress

The Mainnet of Wanchain V1.0 has been launched in January 2018 with featured function of privacy-protected transaction. The V2.0 with cross chain function will go alive at June this year.
5. Project Characteristics

Public chain with the characteristics of cross-chain transaction, privacy protection and smart contract.
6. Project Team

Jack Lu: Blockchain entrepreneur and technical expert. Cofounder and CTO of Factom in 2014. Founder of Wanglu Tech.
Dustin Byington: Veteran entrepreneur in the blockchain space. Founder of Bitcoin College in 2014, Cofounded Tendermint in 2015. Founder of Satoshi Talent and Stokens Venture Capital.
The Wanchain team consists of senior US and Chinese blockchain engineers and among them, several team members are doctor degree holders of cryptology. 
7. Consultants

David A. Johnston: Chairman of the Board at Factom, Inc.
Feng Han: Secretary-General of DACA
Albert Ching: Founder of i-Sprint
8. ICO Overview

Funding: Presales+Public sales by smart contract.
Funding Status:100%
Private Equity :1ETH:930WAN

9. Token Overview and Distribution

Token Name: WAN
Token Distribution:
Public sales 51%,Miners reward 10%, Foundation operation19%, Team 20%
10. Token Production and Function

Token Production: Miner reward
Token Function: Transaction fee and deposit for cross-chain transaction

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