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RSS3 is a next-generation feed standard that aims to support efficient and decentralized information distribution.
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RSS3 is a next-generation feed standard that aims to support efficient and decentralized information distribution. 

I. Project Introduction

RSS3 is a next-generation feed standard that aims to support efficient and decentralized information distribution. 

​II. Token Information

1) Basic Information

Token name: RSS3 (RSS3)

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Tokens in Circulation: 8,960,000

2) Token Distribution and Token Release Schedule:

Party% of the totalToken Release Schedule
Community / Reserve64.00%Community tokens are those that will be gradually distributed to the general public.

- 5% will be tokens from public sales during the TGE, which will be the only tokens that are unlocked immediately.
- 10% will be early incentives. 2% will be airdropped to existing users in the RSS3 ecosystem 1 month after the LBP. The remaining will be having a 12-month linear unlock, which will be used as incentives toward various stakeholders (e.g. active users, ecosystem app developers, and testnet node operators).
- 2% will be for partner projects and organizations. There will be a 12-month cliff and then a 36-month linear unlock.
- 47% will be governed by the RSS3DAO for future development purposes. 2% will be unlocked after LBP, where the initial liquidity pool on Uniswap afterward is coming from. Then it will be subject to a 12-month cliff before a 48-month linear unlock.
Seed Investors4.60%Seed investors are those who backed us from the very beginning. Their purchase price was 0.04$ per $RSS3. There will be a 12-month cliff and then a 24-month linear unlock.
Private Token Sale10.00%Private token sale participants have purchase prices ranging from 0.06$ to 0.15$. There will be a 12-month cliff and then an 18-month linear unlock.
Natural Selection Labs5.00%Natural Selection Labs is the equity company that initiated the RSS3 project. It will be granted 5% of all the tokens with a vesting period of 24 months after a 12-month cliff.
Team1.50%Those existing and future crews of RSS3 will be allocated with about 15% of all the tokens. These tokens will be unlocked after a 12-month cliff with a 36-month vesting period.
Advisor1.00%There have been lots of people who helped the RSS3 project from its infancy. In total, 1% of all the tokens will be granted to those advisors with a 12-month linear vesting period.

III. Related Links

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